Monday, 23 November 2009

Happy Day

No book-learnin going on here today - had a wonderful long walk in the sunshine, then a huge clearout of our bedrooms, including some furniture shifting. Feels like we have new rooms.
I've done some online Christmas shopping this evening, and have ordered in far too much chocolate (vegan_store is a very dangerous site!)*. Also some books and stocking fillers.
*just had an email informing me that the postal charge for our area is £11.99 instead of £4.95 for the rest of the UK - extortionate! How can they justify that? Wont be ordering from them again!!

Here are a few pics from our day:


Lisa G said...

Oh that walk looks stunning, we haven't seen sunshine for weeks down here just torrential unrelenting rain, I am so envious!

Hannah said...

How annoying about the postal charges. And how grown up does A look in that photo?!

K said...

Hi Lisa - its been raining non-stop since that day!!

Hi hannah, yes - she is scarily grown up now, not much shorter than me either, I think she's going to overtake me soon :0/