Thursday, 18 June 2009

Strawberry scones

It was this kind of day today:

just had to be done!

A brought up the fact that its nearly a year since she came out of school and we started HEing. She talked about how happy she is with the way its going, and said that even if I could afford to put her back to the Steiner school (which she liked) she would choose to stick with HE now. It made me feel so happy, and confirmed that we did the right thing last year :0)

After visiting one of our favourite local shops today, A decided that she wanted to design some posters and flyers for the shop. She became very enthused with her great idea, and went back (on her own) to talk to the ladies who run the place. She came back home, encouraged by the woman's response, with a few more ideas and has been designing her flyer all afternoon. Its great to see her so absorbed in something she came up with completely by herself, with very little input from me. I'm also really pleased to see her going off into town by herself to do things - to talk to the shop owners, to get some photocopying done - as this shows a real growth in confidence for her.


Elizabeth said...

Those look yummy!

I'm glad she is happy and so enthusiastic about life!

emma said...

They do look yummy!! Will have to make some later now!!