Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Midsummer in Orkney

We had a lovely trip over to Orkney this weekend, with my Mum and my Aunt (up visiting from Shepperton). As you can see from the photos - the weather was amazing, we were so lucky!
We did the guided coach tour, which was great as a taster, but I'd love to go back and stay on one of the islands for a few days.

We had a little time on this gorgeous beach - just enough
for a paddle and a wander (and a dance if you are A!).

Visited the Ring_of_Brodgar - an ancient stone circle.
Better (prof) pics here if you're interested

It felt very appropriate to be here on the summer solstice

More to come....


Anonymous said...

I am *so* jealous! Looks brilliant :) x

Lisa G said...

Wow, stunning scenery!

Lynn said...

Looks great,def on my places to visit list!!

Love the pic if A dancing.Reminded me so much of Milly, who will twirl any time any place with no self consciousness at all,wish I had that kind of free spirit:-) xx

K said...

We're definitely going back sometime, there's so much to see.

Lynn - I know what you mean, A dances, and also sings all the time - I love it!