Wednesday, 23 February 2011

I have no camera!!

Oh no!!! I managed to break it :-(
It was starting to fall apart anyway - the battery pod wouldn't close so I had to tape it shut - but the other day I took the batteries out and something broke off. It was obviously something important as it will no longer work at all. So until I can afford a new one, there will be very few pictures with my posts (might be able to get some with A's iPod, if she lets me).

I've been feeling a real lack of inspiration where blogging is concerned. Not because nothing is happening, we've been busy as ever and enjoying life. I'm not sure why actually, I suppose I always feel I should have something new and exciting to say, or some new angle on old stuff, but at times life is just a bit...'samey'.
I guess its all part of the ebb and flow, it happens with our HE journey - there are times when things feel a bit stale and we plod along, then invariably something will shake us up and it all gets a bit more interesting again. Lets hope that I get back into my flow sometime soon!!

A's audition that I mentioned in my last post went very well, we wont hear anything until next month, but she really enjoyed the experience, and I'm very proud of her - there's no way I would have the confidence to go to an audition like that.

There's been a happy development in our HE world - one of A's old school friends has made the move into home education. So the girls have been able to spend much more time together :D Although I don't think A is lacking in social connections, it is great to have another HE friend so close by.


Deb said...

Nooooo! Nightmare! I hope you can manage to get one soon. And good luck to A, and it's great that she can spend more time with her friend. :)

K said...

Hi Deb, I know - its devastating!!! I've got my eye on a Canon Powershot A480 now, just need to sell a few more books on Amazon and I'll be able to afford it ;-)