Thursday, 13 January 2011

Happy Birthday!!

A is now 12 years old! This is the cake we made - chocolate sponge with fudgy frosting, mmmmm.

After opening of presents we went off to the cinema this morning to see Animals United, which was ok - some funny moments. We then went into town for a bit of shopping, including a new hat for A :-) she has quite a collection of hats now, definitely a hat girl.
Altogether a lovely chilled day together. A is gearing up for some proper celebrations next weekend, when our friends arrive from Glespin. She'll be going ice skating with a couple of mates then having a sleepover with them back here. She'll also be getting her hair specially done for the occasion, with some pink streaks, very exciting!!


Lynn said...

Mmmmmm cake looks yummy! Milly and A are closer in age than I realised:-) Glad you had a nice day together and enjoy the celebrations next weekend:-) xx

K said...

Thanks Lynn, the cake is pretty tasty!!
Its really nice that the girls have connected on facebook now :-)

Hannah said...

Happy birthday to A!
The cake looks delicious - I hope the weekend festivities are going well :o)

K said...

Thanks Hannah :-)
The sleepover is next weekend, so I have a few more days to prepeare myself for the onslaught of hormonal preteens - help!!!!
Kara x

Home Edutainer said...

Cake looks yummy!

Happy belated Birthday to A.

Have a great time next weekend.

Rebecca and Lillie xx

K said...

Thanks you two :-)

Nikki said...

Hello! I've only just found your blog, but it makes very interesting reading as I think we have a fair bit in common. My daughter was 12 just a week or so before yours (and happy belated birthday to her!); we're also home educators and I'm a freelancer/writer too.

I'm glad to have found you and will keep popping by :) I hope you're mentally prepared now for the birthday sleepover - had one of those last year and my word it was hard work!

Best wishes - Nikki -

K said...

Hi Nikki,

thanks for your comments - I'm glad you found me too!!

I'm slightly apprehensive about the sleepover, but I have a friend coming too (one of the girl's mum) so at least I'll have some moral support :-)

I'm off over to your blog now to have a look, cheers!
Kara x