Thursday, 8 April 2010

My article!

'Reading Matters' - its available here - have a look! There's even a horrible little photo/bio thing about me at the front. All very exciting (if you're me).

On a completely different subject, I was so pleased to hear that the legislation going through Parliament regarding HE in England has been ditched, for now anyway. I have avoided posting much at all on this, partly because I don't feel confident that I know what I'm on about, but mainly because there are many people out there blogging so articulately and passionately that I didn't feel I could add anything of any worth. But I have been quietly following whats been going on and contributing in ways I could - petitions and responses etc.

Politically the whole issue has thrown up such a lot for me. I used to feel very sure about where I stood on the political spectrum - very much to the left - but I am no longer clear on this. Right wing views are still abhorrent to me, particularly when it comes to economics and trade, but in a lot of other areas too. However, the left (not that we really have a left left, if that makes sense) no longer seems the obvious answer. The older I get the more confused I feel about it all.

Today we took advantage of the sunshine and went out on our bikes. All the way there (along the river, past the caravan park by the beach, into the large woods at Culbin) the sun was shining beautifully, when we turned to come back we got wind, rain and hail. Lovely. We arrived home filthy and soaked, but I still felt better for it.

Here's a little pic of our 'bike cave', much cheaper and more convenient than putting up a shed, although it needs the bench in front of it to stop it blowing over in high winds!

I have noticed A talking to herself a lot just lately, when I eavesdropped I realised she was practicing her lines for the play she's going to be in with her drama group - based on A Midsummer Night's Dream. She has the part of Bottom, which means she will get a chance to reveal her comedic talents! I cant wait :o)

Right, I'm off to email the link to my article to everyone I know, whether they're interested or not.


Sarah in deepest, darkest Lomellina said...

Oh I am so posting a link to your article on my site !!!

It a really good and reassuring read (unlike the typical "give you kittens and make you feel inadequate" stuff you see in magazines) for other parents of less than enamored with books kids.

Son of Thor is overjoyed, cos I promised him I would stop cutting his hair myself and take him to the hairdressers if he found a style....the boy on the front cover had the elusive haircut he has been looking for without success.

So you made two people happy via your link for the price of one ( :

Very big congratulations and I look forward to seeing you in print again in the future.

K said...

Glad you enjoyed it, and that Son of Thor got something out of it too!

Its a bit nerve-wracking putting something out there that you've put so much of yourself into, so its great to get some positive feedback on it :o)