Sunday, 20 December 2009


Woke up to this loveliness-

And here are mummy snow and baby snow-

Had a fantastic time playing out in the snow, including a snowball fight that went on for over an hour! (I won by the way - I'm much more devious than A).

Then we came in and had an afternoon of quizzes - out came the quiz_box from last year - we had general knowledge quizzes; staring contests; and a humming 'name that tune' quiz (A won this!).

I feel like I have done nothing but laugh today :0))

A decided this evening at about 9 o'clock to do some work on her Joanne Harris booklet - a while ago I suggested she do some research and produce a piece of work on an author she liked, this was just an attempt on my part to give A a bit of a challenge and get her to produce something she felt proud of. I was quite surprised at her choice of author, and impressed. Anyway, I love the fact that she was still working away after 10 o'clock, by choice, on something she was clearly enjoying.

I spent this evening pulling together my 'evidence' to send off to the job centre - surprise surprise - a couple of days after my last posting I got the letter through requesting self employment evidence for In Work Credit! Feeling more or less ok about it now, I just tidied up and updated my 'work diary' that I had tried to keep, and I also have invoices for the payments I have received and my paying in book for my work bank account, so hopefully that will be all they need. Mandy's comments after my last post certainly helped put my mind at ease - thanks for that!

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