Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Christmas hearts - for Sally

Sally was asking about how we made our Christmas hearts - they are not difficult, just a little bit fiddly. I hope this photo helps explain the process:

we cut out a red and green piece of felt as shown above - I used a cardboard template as you can see, just to make sure they were exactly the same size and shape (which is quite important for the next step).
Once we'd cut the two slits, we weaved the two pieces together (the fiddly bit!), then pinned them to keep them in place, then sewed along the edges.
Lastly, we sewed on some sequins (not shown in this pic), punched a hole in the top and tied on a ribbon.


Home Edutainer said...

Well Im glad Sally asked about the Christmas hearts. Think me & Lillie will give them a go. So thanks Kara! And thanks Sally for asking about them :o) X

jax said...

looks like a felt version of the montessori paper hearts, except those make little pockets that you can fill up with stuff.