Thursday, 22 October 2009

A busy week

Well, I finally took the leap I've been planning for the best part of a year, and officially registered as self-employed! I am now a freelance writer/researcher. I haven't blogged about this before much for a few reasons. Partly because this blog is primarily about our home education experience (although its impossible to separate that from our lives generally I suppose). Mostly because I just wasn't comfortable writing about it. Anyway, now it is a reality and is going to affect us both quite a lot.
This week I've been dealing with a lot of the official stuff - phone calls etc - and have found it quite stressful. I think once everything is in place and I know what money is coming in and can budget accordingly I will relax a bit. I'm really looking forward to the 'work' bit, but it will mean juggling things a bit more time-wise. A is old enough to understand what's going on, and is very supportive, even asking if she can help with some of my work as part of her home ed. I just need to make sure 'work time' doesn't eat into 'A time', but I will be mainly working when A is at her Granny's.
I spent the whole of Sunday doing some research work - my first bit of paid employment as a freelancer - but got a bit carried away and forgot to take breaks from the computer. Consequently I ended up feeling like my head was going to implode and was unable to get to sleep until about 3am. Not a good start!

Anyway, enough of my stuff, what else have we been up to???
Very much enjoying the new series of Scrubs - a programme A introduced me to. Makes us both laugh like maniacs. Particularly like the misanthropic Dr Cox.

Granny arrived home from her trip to Napoli, with lots of pretty little gifts for A, and a huge bottle of Amaretto for me (mmmm...she knows me so well).

We had a lovely day out with some friends in Aberdeen. Went to see the
Mueck exhibition at the Art Gallery, which I absolutely loved. The giant newborn baby was so beautiful, amazing detail.
We also had a nice lunch and wandered round the shops a bit. Miserable weather, and a very crowded train journey there and back, but good company makes all that irrelevant.

Today we had some friends over from the home ed group - a Mum and her four daughters. We had met them at several different events, and at one of the more recent ones A worked in a group with the two oldest girls and got on very well with them. So when A was feeling a bit lonely recently I decided to invite them round. It all went very well, the girls all played happily, and the youngest (a four-year-old) took a particular liking to A, which was very sweet, and well received by A.
I really enjoyed getting to know their mum a bit better, and we discovered that we lived round the corner from each other when A was a baby! Small world! Hopefully we'll get out to visit them at their place soon.


me said...

Nice one, I hope it goes well for you :-) I've recently done the same (officially registered self-employed) It was either that or JSA and I really couldn't be bothered with the stress of that! It is taking a bit of getting used to juggling everything (time and money) but will be worth it I hope. Good luck to you with your writing :-) Mandy

Lynn said...

Good luck with everything:-)

Alan and I also LOVE scrubs.Haven't watched it for ages though,could do with a good laugh!xx

K said...

Thanks Mandy, I think there's quite a few HEors heading down this route! best of luck to you with Self employment too :0)

Thanks Lynn, you'll have to try and catch some of the new series - E4 Thursday nights x

Dawny said...

hey K that's great, I really hope it goes really well for you both :-) xx

K said...

Thanks Dawny, I appreciate the good wishes - I may need them!!!

Hannah said...

Good luck with the self employment Kara - I'd love to hear more about how it's working out for you. This is a leap I'm looking at taking, although I have a bit more time to think about it yet.

K said...

Thanks Hannah! I'm sure I'll be blogging bits about how its going. I'm generally feeling very positive about it all, but with moments of panic in there too!