Sunday, 9 August 2009

Pampering day

I got up yesterday to find posters around the house announcing 'Pampering Day' - with the promise of "a posh drink and a pampering" and "a time to relax and enjoy life". This was my menu:

I was allowed two drinks, so went for 'WOW water' and 'exotic passion' (!) The first was very refreshing, and seemed to be iced water with a hint of apple, the second was more citrusy, presented in a champagne glass with a straw.
I then had a shoulder massage; a lip makeover; a relaxing story; and made some scented hand cream.
A has provided this sort of treat a few times - for her Grannies and various visitors - and she is SO good at it. She is so giving, and really great with people. It makes me very proud and thankful that I have this person in my life :0)

A had a lovely time with her cousins last week, the time seemed to go so fast though. She only sees them once or twice a year, and we probably wont see them again til next June now, so it was a bit sad saying goodbye.

The climbing wall at Landmark

bouncing fun in Granny's garden

We attended Tilda's film festival again - this year it was a pilgrimage across Scotland, taking the Screen_Machine moblie cinema to different small towns and villages along the way. I took A and her friends to see A_Bag_of_Rice, a wonderful Iranian film about a little girl and her elderly neighbour going on a journey to collect (45kg!!!) of rice. I also went (without A) to see Night_of_the_Hunter , a beautiful, if scary film about two children on the run from a murderous preacher. Robert Mitchum is wonderfully sinister as the psychotic killer, particularly loved his hymn singing - very effective. I'd seen the film years ago and it stuck in my memory, so was really pleased to catch it again.
I hope this is going to continue as an annual festival, its fantastic to have the opportunity to see these obscure, unusual films, and the atmosphere is so warm and friendly - a real community feel. Nobody is disapproving of young children being around ( I was sat next to a woman breastfeeding her tiny baby at 'Night of the Hunter') in fact quite the opposite - all ages are welcomed and encouraged and the choice of films reflects this. At the Bag of Rice showing we went to home baking was passed round to everyone in the queue, and at all showings there is music and dancing before the film, and everyone applauds at the end of the film - now you don't get that at Vue or Odeon cimemas!!


Jax said...

sounds rather different to our little local cinema for sure.

Hannah said...

Awesome pampering day menu! That's the sort of thing I wake up to from Cameron except it's less likely to be a makeover - not that I'm complaining!

Jane said...

What a wonderful daughter! Your wake up surprise sounds absolutely amazing!