Monday, 22 December 2008

Winter Solstice

We decided to have a solstice celebration. I had bought this book some time ago, and we also found some other poems and verses to read to each other. We got down our globe and using A's head to represent the sun demonstrated how the northern hemisphere tilts away from the sun to give us winter. We lit loads of candles, and the fire. We also baked a sun cake, which became a birthday cake for our friend who unexpectedly came to stay for a couple of nights. It was a really lovely time for us, so peaceful and reflective, worlds away from the stress and excess of what Christmas has become for most people. I think I'll give up celebrating Christmas and just stick to Yule (no, I don't think I'd get away with that actually!).
Didn't get a picture of our lovely cake (its long gone now!), so here is one of the fire to warm you up:

We also had our home ed group Christmas party on Wednesday - a huge turn out for it. I was a bit nervous when I walked into such a full hall, but soon relaxed and chatted to a few lovely people. Lots of faces there I didn't know, but I'm starting to get to know a few people a little bit now. The kids had a fantastic time, someone came and did some games with them, which worked really well. I'm so glad that such a strong network of HEers exists up here.

My party food offerings - delicious (even if I do say so myself)

A very strange party game (thats A wrapped in toilet roll!?)
I had an energetic end to Wednesday as I went to see the Levellers play in Inverness. Danced like a maniac the whole night. I need more of this stuff in my life!!


Dawny said...

what a lovely time you're having , we must try to take things a bit more like that i reckon x

Home Edutainer said...

Merry Christmas to you & A. We hope you both have a lovely time...

Love from Rebecca & Lillie x x

Lucy said...

oh we missed that mummy game!! fire looks lovely :)

K said...

Hi all, nice to hear from you!!

Lucy - I realised when we left they never used your pass-the-parcels!! What a shame :(

Lucy said...

it didn't matter - they were all sorted for things like that, I hadn't realised. the girls ripped them open in the car and swapped round prizes and were very happy :)

hope you had a good Christmas :)