Sunday, 16 November 2008

Scary stuff

One of the places we went to early on in our holiday was Paulton's theme park. My nephews love it there, and go on all the big scary rides. A is not so keen on scary rides, in fact not keen at all on even slightly scary rides! This wasn't helped when she was told not to be 'so silly' by one of the park workers when she changed her mind at the top of a big slide. She came back down the steps looking very dejected then burst into tears. I wanted to go and have a word with the git, but A was already embarressed enough.
Apart from that incident A did enjoy the time spent with her cousins, and there were other things to look at and play on aside from the scary stuff.

M and A - trying to 'drown England' (?)

A little friend we met

The big rollercoaster - only my brother and his boys went on this one.

A in the dungeon.

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Dawny said...

i love the wrold thingy there - we have one at a park near us - except ours hasn't got the map of the world on it, it's just a big chunk of granite.