Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Rothko and Spinnaker

We managed to get to the Rothko_exhibition at the Tate Modern. It was a great day out - just me and A. I booked online beforehand and was delighted to discover that kids under 12 get in free! We did the whole thing and got the audio guide as I knew very little about Mr Rothko so couldn't offer A much guidance. I think she got a lot out of it, but did say she was a bit disappointed as she hadn't expected so many 'dark' pieces, and prefered the reds and oranges. This is quite interesting (I think anyway), we had gone to another gallery in Southampton before our trip to the Tate, and A had really been enjoying many of the modern pieces there, she then rushed out of one room looking really upset. When I asked her about it she said the paintings were too dark and had made her feel really sad.
I enjoyed learning a bit about Rothko, its not the sort of art I would usually be attracted to, but he was certainly a very interesting person.
After a couple of hours of Rothko we went and had some lunch, then went back and looked around another floor of the gallery. A lovely day.

The Tate Modern Building

A climbing on one of the art installations

One of our first trips while at my brother's was to the Spinnaker_Tower in Portsmouth, where there was an 'Alien Invasion' event. The kids were extremely happy cos they got to meet a real, live dalek!! There were lots of other exhibits from various alien themed films.
There was a glass floor in this 170m high tower, I felt quite ill after taking this photo.

View from the tower


Lynn said...

know what you mean about glass floors!! great veiw though.xx

Hannah said...

We are going to be meeting a real live dalek next week and I am already having nightmares about it!

R.E.II™ said...

I have put you down as the talking flower

Lucy said...

what a wonderful time you've had! nice to have you back :)