Thursday, 8 December 2011

Hello & Goodbye

So yes, I am still alive :-)

I've been putting this 'final post' off for ages, as it feels a bit sad, but I think the time has come.

I did think I would carry on blogging here as EE had become so much a part of life for me, I thought it would just evolve along with the changes in our lifestyle. But its not really working like that.

Our lives have changed so completely over the last 6 months or so, and things are going really, really well for both of us. I've mentioned before about how A isn't so comfortable with me writing so much about her now, and I would always respect that. Something I hadn't foreseen is the way I feel less comfortable about writing about the more personal stuff going on in my world now too. There's some very exciting prospects ahead, but this doesn't feel like the right arena to share it in. Sorry to be so obscure!

So this is just a last 'ta ta' to anyone still checking in here - I'm going to leave the blog open as the old HE stuff may be of interest to someone who comes across it via the blogrings etc - but I wont be posting any more.

So cheers m'dears - its been lovely ;-)


Catherine said...

I'll miss reading your blog....but it's nice when things move on for a good reason!

Home Edutainer said...

Hi K,

It's been lovely seeing how yours and A's lives have evolved since my blog path crossed with yours a couple or more years back now.

My own blog writing has become very sporadic and the gaps get longer and longer with our lives ever a-changing too.

Thank you for opening my eyes to the possibilty that Lillie may like A, get uncomfortable in time with my writing about her on here. And like you, I shall respect her feelings if it comes down to it.

I wish you and A all the best for the future, mate. Stay in touch via Facebook. I might not be around on there much either these days. But, I will drop by there, prob more than I do with blog writing!

Take care and big hugs to you both. Have a great Christmas,

Becky and Lillie xxOxxOxx

K said...

Cheers Catherine, hope all is well with you :-) xx

Thanks for that Becky, its always nice to read your updates - however sporadic they are! Hope your new job/training is going well :-) See you on FB ;-) xx

dawny said...

you sum up how life feels here too K, I got less and less happy about writing personal stuff too, so now just do a crafty blog. All the best hope all goes from strength to strength xx