Thursday, 14 April 2011

Two blog posts in one week -

Whats going on???? You can tell I am child free at the moment :-)

Since the beginning of the year I've been trying to be a bit more active. My main aim is to improve my general fitness level, if I should lose a few pounds (or a couple of stones) along the way that would be fabulous, but my motivation is mostly to do with health.

I've been getting out walking more, especially in this spring weather. The beach is my favourite, and it was so hot at the weekend that there were quite a few people in the sea (this is the foot-numbing North Sea we're talking about!).

This morning I did the river loop - probably about 2 miles. Its a beautiful, quiet walk, with just the occasional dog walker or cyclist to say 'hello' to.

I was going to Bhangra dance classes too, which were fun at first, but the novelty has worn off a bit now. I'm getting fed up with watching myself prance about (in a very undignified manner) in the massive mirrored wall of the dance studio. I watch the teacher, I do exactly what she's doing, but for some reason when I catch sight of myself my body seems to be behaving like a drunken panda.

I was also going to a boxercise class, which I absolutely LOVED!! But unfortunately its changing nights and now clashes with Italian class, so no more boxing :-(

So - to keep up some kind of fitness regime I decided to rejoin the gym, and A has said she wants to join too now she's old enough. I went for my induction the other day, and was taken round by what looked to me like a 14-year-old boy. I think I must be getting old. But I'm looking forward to getting back into working out - I used to go quite regularly when I was studying for my degree and A was at school, and I really used to enjoy it. It will be even better now we can have family trips to the gym together.

A seems to be having a great time down south. We had a slightly disastrous (also quite hilarious) skype session at the weekend - half the time she couldn't hear me, and apparently the rest of the time I was shouting at her. Since then we have stuck to messaging on facebook, she even got me on 'chat' which I hate.

The website is coming along nicely, and I've just heard that I have an article going into the June/July issue of Green Parent magazine - very exciting :-)


Anonymous said...

LOL When I'm dancing, I kind of have to not look at myself and just dance. Because if I look at myself? I don't think I have any talent dancing! But I have fun, so I avert my eyes and just dance. ;)

K said...

Hi TL!
I wish I could do that - just enjoy the music and movement - I get a bit too focused on doing things correctly though!

Anonymous said...

Yeah... sometimes I'll get a bit embarrassed, but most of the time I tell myself to snap out of it. ;) I like to do a lot of things correctly, too, though... dancing's just not one of them! :)