Saturday, 9 October 2010

Crafty devils

We had a crafty day yesterday, hence my living room looked like this:

Such a lovely way to spend a day, music pumping, scissors snipping, glue sticking, totally chillful. And we got most of our Christmas cards made.

Finally decided on our Christmas project, that is - a little handmade gift we make and send to friends and family every year. Having made quite a few pots of jam I've got local people sorted, but I don't fancy packing up and sending heavy glass jars out to people all round the country. Racked our brains a bit as we've been doing this for years now and are running low on ideas for 'light' items to send out with cards, but the other day I came across the idea of these (tissue paper) stained glass effect chinese lanterns:

I think they look a bit Christmassy, and are very different to what we've done other years.

I know its very early to be thinking about Christmas, but I find if I don't start getting organised in October time runs away and suddenly - oh, I've got a week to get everything done!!

I'm not religious at all, but I do really like winter. I like the dark nights drawing in, cosy evenings in, wrapping up in layers of jumpers and coats, wearing of big boots. Not so much the wind and rain, but I do like frost and snow. So I suppose its more of a winter festival than a religious one for us, but its still a good excuse to take the time to appreciate loved ones and let them know you care.

Need to mention this lovely bag I bought from Cheery Mishmash, its gorgeous! There are lots of other HE related designs for bags and T-shirts, and other non-HE related items too - I got a really cute baby vest for my cousin's little girl from them. Well worth a look!


Elizabeth said...

We made Maple tree leaf shaped paper tissue 'stained glass' shapes. We laminated them so they'll be good for next autumn. Took ages to cut out a template-never mind the final pieces! But they look great!

me said...

The lantern is gorgeous :)
Thanks for the mention, glad you like your bag :) - the 'made to order' Home Ed is actually on hold at the moment, but the ready made stuff is still on sale xx

K said...

Thanks :-)
Its years since I made stained glass tissue paper decorations, they are very fiddly, but a craft knife certainly makes things easier!!
Laminating sounds like a good idea.