Saturday, 31 July 2010

And we're off again

Another holiday, how spoilt are we this year!?! This time we're off to Centre Parcs with Granny, my brother, his partner and my nephews. A proper family holiday. Then down to my brothers and all off to a family wedding. We're very excited!

I feel I have been neglecting Educational Escapades lately. To be honest I've been having a bit of a blog-wobble (that really is a fantastic term - say it out loud, you'll see what I mean!). I've been wondering whether this is really a good thing for me to be doing, asking myself questions such as: am I repeating myself? Is it getting boring? Is it taking up too much of my time? All of which has made me assess why it is I write this blog.

Partly I write to try and keep a bit of a record of what we do. Partly its to offer one example of what home ed can be like. Partly its to connect with other bloggers. But what I've realised is its also become a representation of me as a writer, because I've linked to it through so much work related stuff, and that is a very different thing . Somehow, because of the way I approached it from the start - as a loose, chatty journal - it doesn't feel 'good enough'.

Another issue, which pops up from time to time when I'm feeling insecure, is the tendency I have to look at other HE blogs and feel that everyone else is doing it so much better than me. There are some amazing HEors out there, and in positive moments I can find their blog posts inspiring and motivating. But when I'm feeling low I become very self-critical and just see how inadequate I am as a HEor.

I'm trying to be very objective here, to really look at whats going on and why I'm feeling so troubled about it all. Being rational about it I know that none of the negative stuff is true, and if it is, it doesn't actually matter. This is just one tiny little blog in an inconceivably massive blogosphere. If I can just concentrate on being honest, and writing for me and A, then none of the other stuff matters.

I'm going to take some time while we're away to really try and get my head around this, and find a bit of clarity in my thinking. Hopefully I'll come back refreshed and renewed, with a more positive approach to blogging.


dawny said...

hey K i get those niggles too, and my writing seems to get more and more brief! I thikn we all go throughit at times but your blog is good because it's you and if you stop it'll be like losing an old friend - ok I don't mean you're old ;-)
I think it's good how you just say it how it is and you're honest and that's what it's all about.
Hoping you don't disappear .
Have a fantastic time xx

Lynn said...

I know so well all the thoughts/feelings you are having! Have a great Holiday and I do hope you keep writing cos I love popping in.It is good to have a range of blog styles out there - we are not all looking for the same things.Honest and chatty are good things in blog IMO:-))xx

K said...

Thanks for your comments, I really appreciate them just now :o)

I don't think I'll be disappearing completely, maybe just changing the way I do things.

See you when we get back! XX

Michelle said...

Echoing Lynn's comment. I like honest and chatty too - more approachable rather than some where I feel "sold" to - especially the sponsored posts ones which just annoy.

Blog breaks always invigorating.

You can tell I'm childless this weekend, and having just got the blog hibernated (though I am still blogging) for 6 months am checking out the ring. Haven't bloghopped for ages :-). It's fun.