Wednesday, 10 March 2010

I am - most definitely - back

OK, enough with the blog break. It didn't work. Even if no one reads it or wants to know what I think or what we're doing, I have to blog.

I have been motivated today, by some positive news on the work front, to give myself a good kick up the arse and stop being so lazy. I cant use the 'not enough time' line as an excuse - there is NEVER enough time to do everything I want to, thats how my life is. Truth is, I like blogging, I enjoy it, and I've missed it.

I think there may be changes in the way I blog, it has evolved along the way in any case, its bound to. I'm toying with ideas about changing the name and how it looks, but am not sure yet. I think a slight change in perspective may occur, posting more about me and work, but then my life is still predominantly about parent/home ed stuff, so not that much of a change perhaps.

I am going to try to be more honest here. I think I've held back on a lot of issues because I'm not sure who's reading and don't want to upset anyone. A bit ridiculous really, why should I care? Its my blog.

Anyway, here is a little update on some of the things we've been up to:

  • went to the science festival at a local college with our HE group. A bit stressful for me as I had been the contact for the group, so lots of emailing to and fro, but all went well on the day and we learnt about volcanoes, made solar power models with K'nex, and met lots of creepy crawlies.

  • went for a loooong bike ride in the sunshine.

  • watched and discussed a programme called 'American Hate' about the Black Panthers - their history, and the current 'new' Black Panthers. We're going to watch the second part, about the Ku Klux Klan, sometime soon.

  • A wrote a letter and drew a picture to send to the African child her Granny is sponsoring

  • A created some more fashion designs for her label

  • We discussed and researched setting up our own shop on Folksy - watch this space!!

  • Talked to Nonno and Nonna about our plans for Italy next year - they are taking us to meet some of A's family out there.

  • Lots of maths, English, piano, drama, art, singing, laughing, eating of cake....I could go on...


Jax said...

good to have you back :)

Home Edutainer said...

I second that :O) xx

Hannah said...

Good for you - looking forward to reading more :o)

K said...

Thankyou! X