Friday, 11 September 2009


We watched this yesterday, something I had recorded with my fab new BT Vision. A really interesting programme about Scottish art, presented by the wonderful Peter Capaldi. A did some sketches of me afterwards. I looked like an old lady, so pretty accurate!!

Angles and mushrooms are ongoing at the moment, both going pretty well.

Granny took A to an open day by Out_of_the_Darkness theatre company, with some mini performances and presentations. Very inspiring stuff I think. I've seen some of their performances and they are amazing.
A's new drama class seems to be going well too, she's all fired up for the Christmas show already! I'm really glad she's got an outlet again for her enjoyment of performing, I think this needs to be encouraged and nourished. Cant understand it myself - I can think of nothing worse than getting up on stage in front of loads of people, but what do I know - I'm the weird woman who likes maths ;0)


Hannah said...

I'm really glad to hear the drama thing is working out for A :o)

K said...

Thanks Hannah. Hope Friday night went ok for Cameron xx